Plasma has been widely used in etching, deposition, and ion implantation process for semi-conductor manufacturing. Using the numerical simulation, we analyze dry etching characteristics and optimize several plasma processing source like Capacitively Coupled Plasma (CCP), Inductively Coupled Plamsa (ICP).


Plasma Source Simulation for CCP

Variations of capacitively coupled plasma have been mainstream plasma sources for dielectric etchers. However, the understanding of plasma discharge is still required for further optimization, i.e., independent control of etch rate and ion bombardment energy. We investigate the discharge characteristics of CCP using the particle simulation which has the advantage of being a self-consistent and fully kinetic method that electron and ion energy distribution functions (EEPF, IEDF) can be obtained.



Electron Energy Probability Function (EEDF) and Ion Energy Distribution Function (IEDF) at the electrode

Neutral beam etching simulation for nano-device

New technology of neutral beam dry etching is suggested in order to solve device defects by ion accumulation. We have developed kinetic simulator to improve characteristics of ion source and neutral beam.



Neutral beam simulation

 Plasma source simulation for ICP

 2-D fluid simulator has been developed to analyze the characteristics and to optimize the conditions of plasma source for ICP, one of the most popular etcher.

Ion density distribution in  ICP

PPID(Plasma Process Induced Damage) simulation

In dry etching, PPID caused by the effect of charge accumulation has been simulated. The objective is the minimization of defect from accumulated charge by considering potential variations in the trench by the surface reaction of ions and accumulated charges.


 Particle trajectories and potential profile in trench etching



Kinetic Simulation of Magnetron Sputter Plasma

Comparison of erosion profiles from simulations and experiments. The parameters of magnetron sputter is optimized.


 Large Area Plasma Source

A uniform large-area plasma, which is very important in the plasma processing, can be generated along the quartz tube carrying rf current. The properties of this device are studied by simulations to increase the plasma density and uniformity.




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