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Pohang University of Science and Technology
San-31, Hyoja, Pohang, 790-784, S. Korea
Phone: 82-54-279-8086
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(Last revised on March 8, 2013)
Professor : Jae Koo Lee
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Research Areas
Plasma Processing of Semiconductors : Numerical Modelings of Dry Etching Processes and Plasma Devices such as Neutral Beam Etching, ICP Source, CCP Source, and Magnetron Sputter
   (Funded by Samsung, Hynix, Lam of USA, SEMES, Jusung Engineering)
Plasma Display & Light Sources : PDP and FFL Cell Optimizations and Efficiency Improvement
   (Funded by LG, LG Micron, and G7 National Projects)
Interdisciplinary Bio-Medical Electrics : Biomedical applications of low temperature atmospheric pressure plasmas
- (Funded by National Research Funds, the Ministry of Health and Welfare)
- Venture company "MEDIPL Corp.", the pioneer in the field of plasmas' biomedical applications, has been established (Jan, 2010).
- Research activities of Bio-ME and Medipl Corp have been reported in the Sisamagazine (vol. 153, page 142-3, Jan, 2011), which is one of the most famous magizines in Korea. [PDF File]


Recent group's works: works('98-'11)


Computing Facilities
Parallel Computing System : iGEL Clusters


Journals and Conferences


Position Openings : Prof J.K. Lee to be contacted
Graduate Students(M.S. & Ph. D.) : Apply. Deadlines (mid-Oct. each year)
Other Research Collaborations


Lectures by Prof. J K Lee
EM Plasma Simulation (EECE630, 2012)
Plasma For Biomedicine (EECE490S, 2011)
Plasma Processing (EECE654, 2011)
Bio Plasma Modeling (EECE490U, 2010)
Plasma Processing (EECE654, 2009)
Bio-Electrics (EECE695S, 2009)
Computational E&M (EECE4900, 2008)
Low Temperature Plasma (EECE695I, 2008)
EM Plasma Simulation (EECE630, 2007)
Plasma Processing (EECE654, 2007)
Computer Simulation (EECE490O, 2006)
Plasma Processing (EECE695P, 2006)
Computer Simulation for E&M (EECE695, 2005)
Plasma Processing (ECE490, 2005)
Computational E&M (ECE490D, 2004)
Principles of Plasma Processing (ECE654,2004)
Computer Simulation (EECE695, 2003)
Electromagnetics (EECE261, 2003)
Electromagnetics (EECE261, 2002)
General Physics II
Principles of Plasma Processing (2000)
Computer Simulation (EECE695, 2001)


Book Chapters by Prof. Lee
Advanced Plasma Technology: "Advances Simulation for Low-Temperature Plasma Applications", by R. d'Agostino et al., Wiley-VCH(2008)
Low Temperature Plasmas. Fundamentals, Technologies, and Techniques: "Plasma Display Panel", by K. Hippler, Wiley-VCH(2008)
Plasma Physics Research Advances: "Advances in Research on Low-Pressure Capacitively Coupled Plasmas", Nova(2008)
Advanced Plasma Technology: "Advanced Simulations for Industrial Plasma Applications", by R. D'agostino, P. Favia, and Y. Kawai ed.(2007)
Gas Discharges-Fundamentals & Applications: "Computer Modeling of Low-Temperature Plasmas", by J. Filho ed.(2007)
Advances in Low Temperature RF Plasmas: "Modeling of Magnetron Sputtering Plasmas", by T. Makabe ed.(2002)
Low Temperature Plasma Physics-Fundamental Aspects and Applications: "Plasma Display Panel", by R. Hippler, S. Pfau, M. Schmidt, and K.H. Schoenbach ed.(2000), 2nd ed.(2007)


Useful Links
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