EECE630 EM Plasma Simulation (2012)

1. 강의 목표

- Ordinary and partial differential equation (ODE and PDE) solvers, Particle-in-Cell (PIC) methods for solvingE&M and plasma problems are studied.

- Other types of popular problem solving methods for E&M and plasma issues  are covered.

- ODE, PDE, PIC and other basic skills will be the subjects, which are essential to any including transport simul. of discharge plasmas or tokamak (basicall PDE) and kinetic or gyrokinetic phenomena (using PIC).

- Not handle specific appls. such as fusion or space plasma simul

2. 선수 과목 및 수강의 필수사항

- Undergrad. E&M (one course) required

3. 성적 평가 방법

- Homeworks, class participation, team projects

4. 강의 교재

(1) J.D. Hoffman: Numerical methods for Engineeers and Scientists (McGraw Hill 1992)

(2) C.K. Birdsall and A. B. Langdon: Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation, Adam Hilger (1991)

5. 참고도서

- Class presentation materials from e-class

- T. Makabe and Z. Petrovic: Plasma Electronics, Taylor and Francis (2006)

6. 강의 진도 계획

Week 1-8: Hoffman: Computational Fluid Dynamics (ODE and PDE)

Week 9-14: PIC (CKB textbook)

7. 기타 참고 사항

- English to be used; grading separately for plasma majors and non-plasma majors;

- Lecture video tapes to be used in some classes

- It is an introductory simul. course with no prior background.

- As for the computer language, we'll use Fortran, C, or others.

- Matlab or Mathematica might do, too.

8. 강의 자료


강의 자료는 파워포인트 파일(ppt) 먼저 다운을 받아서 프린트하여 사용하십시요. 가능하면 "Microsoft Equation"이 설치되어 있는 컴퓨터에서 프린트하는 것이 좋습니다.
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