EECE490U Bio plasma modeling (2010)

1. 강의 목표

Introduction to EE plasma and biomedicine with their solutions via computer based on language of your choice (C or Fortran), which includes the solution of ODE (ordinary diff. eq.), PDE (partial diff. eq.), initial-value or boundary-value problems, particle/PIC-Monte Carlo method.

2. 선수 과목 및 수강의 필수사항

Introductory EM (1), Introduction to Computer

3. 성적 평가 방법

-Modeling projects by two-person team
-Teaming up with different background person (ie, EE major with non-EE major, etc.)

4. 강의 교재

S. Nakamura: Applied Numerical Methods in C (Prentice 1995) or in Fortran (Prentice 1991); any one of these books (no need to buy these books).

5. 참고도서

-J. Malmivuo and R Plonsey: Bioelectromagnetism (Oxford 1995)
(no need to purchase it except for eager students)
-Retrieve the class lecture note pdf's from e-class/presentation materials 1-2 hrs. after the class.

6. 강의 진도 계획

(week 1-4): E&M and plasmas used for biomedical applications; ODE solving methods (Nakamura Porgram9-1) and biomed. plasma projects (Global Modeling Pjt.)
(week 5-7): Particle methods, PIC-Monte Carlo: biomed. plasma projects
(week 8-11): PDE, FEM with projects
(week 11-15): Initial-Value and Boundary-Value Problems and projects

7. 기타 참고 사항

"Almost everything will soon be simulated before being made" (John McTague of Ford) Modeling or simulating EE or biomedical problems by using computers (PCs, clusters, or supercomupters) has become an important new tool for tackling difficult problems.
To be taught in English.
One or two lecture videos by Prof. CK Birdsall of UC Berekeley or by Prof. T Makabe of Keio U to be shown.

8. 강의 자료

※ 강의 자료는 파워포인트 파일(ppt)로 먼저 다운을 받아서 프린트하여 사용하십시요. 가능하면 "Microsoft Equation"이 설치되어 있는 컴퓨터에서 프린트하는 것이 좋습니다.
※ Zip 파일이 같이 있는 것들은 주로 스캔한 그림 파일들 입니다. 되도록 zip 파일을 다운 받아서 프린트하시기 바랍니다.