EECE490S Plasma For Biomedicine (2011)

1. 강의 목표

- The fundamentals to the use of E&M (electricity and magnetism) and APP (atmospheric pressure plasmas) for biomedicine to be covered.

- Some basics of molecular biology and thermodynamics to be included. The actual applications of E&M and APP devices to sterilization, coagulation, dental and skin cares, and cancer treatment to be covered.

- Subjects to be covered: -Molecular Cell Biology-Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics- Diagnostics & Modelings for Biomedical Applications:

2. 선수 과목 및 수강의 필수사항

- No plasma or E&M pre-requisites required; students with multidisciplinary background encouraged for S-U (or letter) grading

3. 성적 평가 방법

- Team projects (interdisciplinary teams consisting of a plasma major and non-plasma majors) and class particiaption.

- Sample projects::

A. charged particle transport thru membrane

B. mechanism of sterilization or mechanism of coagulation (to stop bleeding)

C. cancer treatment via EM field or charged particles

D. bio-electric research papers

4. 강의 교재

- Bioelectromagnatism by J. Malmivuo and R. Plonsey (Oxford 1995): some easy dose (not a must to buy it)

- Some Class Notes (available from e-class Presentation Data after lectures):

- Based on the above textbooks in part and others

5. 참고도서

- Alex Fridman: Plasma Chemistry (Cambridge 2008): a small portion and other biomedical engineering textbooks to be used

6. 강의 진도 계획

- Subject to changes:

Week 1,2: overview of bio-electrics (biomedical appls. of E&M and charged particles)

Week 3: molecular cell biology

Week 4,5,6: airplasma

Week 7,8: chem. kinetics, cell bio.

Week 9-14: book/journal reviews., modelings

Week 15: team reports

7. 기타 참고 사항

- English to be used; class ppt available 30 mins  after class

- Undergrad. and grad. students of interdisciplinary subjects (EE major or non-EE); to be graded on a separate basis

- Some guest lecturers and class videos to be used

8. 강의 자료


강의 자료는 파워포인트 파일(ppt) 먼저 다운을 받아서 프린트하여 사용하십시요. 가능하면 "Microsoft Equation"이 설치되어 있는 컴퓨터에서 프린트하는 것이 좋습니다.
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