Computer Simulation(EECE490O, 2006)


1. 강의목표

Basics of simple modeling, numerical analysis, and computer-intensive simulation for applied and advanced E&M and charged particles (some plasma modeling included).


2. 강의 선수/수강 필수 사항

전자기학 개론 and introduction to Computing (with some background of any one of computer languages C, C++, or Fortran)


3. 성적 평가 방법

Projects only


4. 강의교재

S. Nakamura: Applied Numerical Methods in C, Prentice Hall (1995) or its Fortran version (1991): any one of these.


5. 참고 도서

Lecture notes


6. 강의진도 계획

Week 1-4: ODE solvers (initial value and boundary value ODEs)

Week 5-8: PIC method; introduction to Mathematica and Matlab

Week 9-11: PDE solvers and FEM

Week 12-14: Linear and nonlinear eq. solvers


7. Software

Magnetics Analysis (Femm)

Electrostatics Analysis (Bela)

Please refer to the website( for detailed usage.

Bela Program Demo presentation

This demo. presentation ppt file does not contain the animation parts. If you want all materials, please contact us. We have a CD for it.

Korea Program from FEM (2003/10/21)

8. 강의자료

Lecture Note #1
Lecture Note #2
ppt file for mathematica
Lecture Note #3
Lecture Note #4
Lecture Note #5 for PDE
ppt file1 for FEMLAB
ppt file2 for FEMLAB
zip file for PIC simulation
zip file for FEMM,Bela
ppt file3 for PDE_mathematica
ppt file1 for MPI
ppt file2 for MPI
c code for p11-1
c code for p12-1
fortran for p11-1
fortran for p12-1
c code for p3-1
c code for p3-5
c code for p3-6
fortran code for p3-1
fortran code for p3-5
fortran code for p3-6

9. 기타참고 사항

"Almost everything will soon be simulated before being made" (John McTague of Ford, et al.)

Modeling or computer-intensive simulation for E&M problems by using PCs, cluster parallel computers, or supercomputers has been become an important tool for difficult problem solving.

To be taught in English or in Korean or mixture.

For juniors, seniors, and grad. students; not offered every year (offered only second time in the 19-year history of POSTECH EE Dept.); to be graded separately for grad. and undergrad. students.