ECE490 Plasma Processing

1. 강의 목표

An introduction to plasma and its application to dry etching, deposition processes in semiconductor processing and plasma display.

An entry level to plasma phenomena, simple computer simulations, plasma sources, and plasma display/processings.

2. 선수 과목 및 수강의 필수사항

An undergrad. E&M course

3. 성적 평가 방법

Homeworks, class projects, exams

4. 강의 교재

F.F. Chen: Introduction to plasma Physics (Plenum 2nd ed. 1984)

5. 참고도서

F.F. Chen and J.P. Chang: Lecture Notes on Principles of Plasma Processing (Kluwer/Plenum 2003)

6. 강의 진도 계획

week (1-4) FF Chen chs. 1-4: introduction of plasma, fluid plasma wave dispersions

week (5-9) FF Chen chs. 5, 7 and computer simulation: diffusion, kinetic theory and simulation

week (10-14) Chen and Chang: Plasma Sources lV, V, lX, Xll, Epilogue chapters.

7. 기타 참고 사항

A semester course on entry-level plasma in upper undergraduate (with graduate students attending) for the first time in POSTECH-EE history,

which is a must in many top-notch US/European univs.; plasma is used in semiconductor processing, displays (plasma display and backlight

lamp in LCD, and many other EUV/light sources); English to be used (with occasional Korean when in need)

8. 강의 자료

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